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I Want To Be Better

I decided I wanted to be better and made a video about it prior to the current situation.

I delayed putting it out as I wasn’t sure the message fit what was happening as I talk about “going out and doing it” – as that could be misunderstood I want to clarify. You don’t have to physically go outside to achieve your goals. There are things you can do to better your situation from your own home, and although they might be hard to see at first, if you get up and start moving you will be surprised how quickly you start finding them.

Want to be a photographer? Build a website so you have it ready as a portfolio for your work.
Want to be a dancer? Stretch and practise your technique.
Want to be a gardener?… Compost food scraps?

Times are hard but if we can all focus on bettering ourselves during this time we will come out stronger.

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