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Watching My First Short Film

I hoped that watching my first short film might spark some ideas within me as I have been having trouble thinking of any recently. Perhaps it is due to being locked inside for over a month at this point. I usually go for a walk when I feel an idea brewing, however, that is not possible as where I am currently based does not allow it. Although watching it did not spark any new ideas right away, it did remind me of what is possible with only limited resources and that gear ultimately means nothing.

I made Lift in 2013 with my cousin. I am not sure how I came up with the idea but I am glad that I did. I learnt a lot in the process of making my first short film, more than I did in all the years beforehand of watching and reading about making films, and that is what is important. You learn more by doing than you can ever learn by reading about or watching others do it.

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